About Wellfare The Wellfare group is a conglomerate of companies & services, setup in the year 1999 as a Pvt. Ltd. Company, having its corporate office in the port city on Bay of Bengal in the East coast of India, the captivating valley of Visakhapatnam. Reg No : 163595 and companies act 1956 It all started with a capital amount of Rs.10 million. In less than a year the group companies have grown leaps & bounds in to a corporate giant. The statistics speaks about it. The group companies are the brainchild of a brilliant & dynamic entrepreneurship abilities of Mr. M. Vijay Prasad. The group is in the service of different strata of the society delivering its duties most efficiently by its two strong arms The Wellfare took its first step with the commencement of Farmland development around the greeneries of Visakha Valley, as it's first venture to grow into a group. The Wellfare took its next step into Resorts & Constructions to form the conglomerate of companies - "The WellFare Group".



The professional acumen combined with High performance cerebrums is the key factor in the group's 250 crore assets and 300 crore turnover with a small beginning at 1 crore - not a small achievement! The result of the Brilliant entrepreneurial flair and far sight of the promoter and their 4,50,000 strong marketing team & 50 Lakh Beloved Customers. The secret of the phenomenal success "Wellfare group"!



The Wellfare endeavours to promote a lasting alliance with the society based on a strong foundation of commitment and conviction that shall continue to generate confidence in its services. The objectives are Achieved by a dedicated & altruistic service to the community.



The strong, dedicated, enthusiastic, visionistic successful team gave the valour to the man at the helm to: Expand its social responsibilities of providing shelter, recreation for prosperous & productive lives of their brethren by more innovative ventures & schemes to suite everyone's taste & needs. Plan voyage from inland to the global arena.

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