Dear Friends/Investers, India is very vast yet united. The sole strength of unity of this country is an inspiring business proposition. From the days of its inception, Wellfare believed in the philosophy of " Together We Can ". The large empire of Wellfare of present day is built on the same philosophy. Over 240 branches across 16 states is the results of our conviction. That will continue to be the strong point of our organisation. Wellfare deals with the ever in demand product - that is LAND. Land can neither be created nor destroyed like many other products that are lined up in the market. The single point formula behind our business concept is - EVERYBODY'S REQUIREMENT. Our warriors across the country who are in thousands could propagate the concept successfully. To make the business concept more interactive and lucrative - We have worked out a wonderful innovation that can fetch Heaven on to the door steps of our marketing wizards. It is so conveniently designed that you are bound to say - SIMPLY IRRRESISTIBLE. Tell me dear friends - don't you get inspired by a never ending career with unlimited income? Just read the pages carefully, with a positive outlook. And be a master of you own destiny. I remain Your's Truly, Vijayaprasad Malla



The professional acumen combined with High performance cerebrums is the key factor in the group's 250 crore assets and 300 crore turnover with a small beginning at 1 crore - not a small achievement! The result of the Brilliant entrepreneurial flair and far sight of the promoter and their 4,50,000 strong marketing team & 50 Lakh Beloved Customers. The secret of the phenomenal success "Wellfare group"!



The Wellfare endeavours to promote a lasting alliance with the society based on a strong foundation of commitment and conviction that shall continue to generate confidence in its services. The objectives are Achieved by a dedicated & altruistic service to the community.



The strong, dedicated, enthusiastic, visionistic successful team gave the valour to the man at the helm to: Expand its social responsibilities of providing shelter, recreation for prosperous & productive lives of their brethren by more innovative ventures & schemes to suite everyone's taste & needs. Plan voyage from inland to the global arena.

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